Wet Data
2013 - Performance and Multimedia Installation

data 1 data 2 data 3 data 4

Developed in collaboration with Total Physicality, Wet Data is a ritual based around a speculative data server where binary code and bodily history is stored in water flows. A homosocial group of three humans, calling themselves Total Physicality, proceed to chant, mix saliva with and choreograph around the wet data server. Pumping water through and catching the photons of light projected on it, the device stores electronic information, containing the DNA of each participant, the device stores organic information. The performance and installation include: :

the server- WATER, wood, pvc tubing, water pump, rubber hosing, polyvinyl, projector, media player

the ritual- performance with 3 bodies, athletic apparell, head lamps, yoga mats, water containers, meditation bell, yoga matts, laptop, and light projection

the text-
Water is information, water has memory, flowing water is an information processor.
Looking at life through a machine that senses only water yields vast interconnected patterns of flow.
In water we found the holy, the septic and the fluorinated. It alters, processes and stores the history of bodies.