Disintegration Systems
Ongoing - Fungal Culture, water, agar, polyurethane foam, microcontroller, water pump, concrete weight, vinyl tubing, acrylic reservoir, silicone putty

Disintegration systems is an ongoing project involving Pestalotiopsis Microspora culture, PUR foam, water, pump, microcontroller, vinyl hoses, clamps, concrete, silicone putty. Disintegration Systems is a self-sustaining vascular system for breaking down polymer polyester (PUR) foam commonly used in couches, car seats and foam fingers. The microcontroller determines a particular speed to run the pump motor at, with resting periods to allow for fungal growth. Pestalotiopsis microspora can biodegrade what was assumed to be nonbiodegradable, can dissolve the undissolvable, can disintegrate one of the most resistent materials on our biosphere.

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