Crude Emulsion
2016 - Video

Crude Emulsion is an experimental video incorporating algorithmically generated 3D animations, live action video, various liquid materials and 3D models of macro molecular structures. The plot concerns a future scenario where a diseased protagonist invents an artificially intelligent liquid machine using crude oil, pure water, and cephalopod melanin. The protagonist injects the liquid machine into its lymphatic system. While the machine prevents the disease from overtaking the host, it starts to assert control over the host's body, requiring maitenance through continued exposure to the materials from which it was created. The two entities learn to live together in endosymbiosis while enjoying protection and sharing sentience. The film explores new cyborg possibilities inspired by fictions like Frankenstein, Snow Crash, The Lathe of Heaven, and theoretical works like the Cyborg Manifeso, Discognition, and Cyclonopedia.