Paul Carlo Esposito’s multidisciplinary practice explores the biological and ecological possibilities of technology.

Paul locates his practice within the vast interconnected networks that permeate our globalized society, particularly the flows of petroleum, data, and capital. His interest in these global metabolisms comes from a background in environmental science, where he studied the effects of climate change on montane cloud forest ecosystems in Central America, and news media framing of oceanic microplastic pollution.

Concerned with issues of anthropocentrism, Paul’s work focuses on the way power influences discourses around the human body and ecology. In deconstructing what is human and what is natural through artmaking, Paul intends to confront the dehumanization inherent in colonialism, racism, homophobia, and sexism.

Paul is currently based in Los Angeles where he is an MFA candidate in the Design Media Arts program at UCLA. Born in the Catskill Mountain region of New York State, Paul’s work has been featured at SIGGRAPH, The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial, and Flux Factory.

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