2016 - Interactive Installation

Studio Documentation

Installation Documentation

Based on the form of a viral nucleocapsid and the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller, Capsid is an illusion of life: unpredictable, self stimulating, responsive, exhibiting intense light pulses, mechanical sounds, and voice recordings from Donna Haraway and Timothy Morton. The piece is semiautonomous–the microphone picks up sound at a certain level which is read by a program on the microcontroller. The microcontroller in turn controls the relay mediating the power supply to each light and the two speakers. Each relay module is programmed to activate at an incrementally different decibel level and deactivate at another. This produces rhythmic behavior from the mechanical sounds of the relay. When voice recordings are triggered, they stimulate the microphone until the end of a phrase is reached and the volume dips below the specific threshold for each light. The audio content deals with the human situation in the anthropocene. The activity of the piece is dependent on the architecture, acoustics of the space, and the number of viewers present. Interaction is meant to both suppress and reorganize human behavior when in proximity to Capsid. The intensely bright lights and abrupt sounds overload the senses.

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